Sitemap - 2022 - Radical Reports

Note to Readers: Returning Next Year

This Year in Extremism: What Happened in Far Right Extremism in 2022

Morning Briefing: January 6th Committee Prepares Final Report

Recommended Reading: Coups Make a Comeback and the Destruction of Myths

Extremists Links: FBI's Incomplete Hate Crimes Statistics Show Increase in Attacks on LGBTIQ Community

Morning Briefing: 300 Members of Oath Keepers Were Current or Former Employees of DHS

Thread: Recommend reading list for children being promoted by White Supremacists.

Interview with The Daily Edge's Unprecedented

Field Notes: White Lives Matter Activities and ‘Day of Action’

Morning Briefing: Anti-LGBTIQ Mobilization Fuels Far Right Extremists Protest

Recommended Reading: Troubling Echos and the Arbiters of Truth

This Week in Extremism: Understanding the Attempted Coup in Germany

Morning Briefing: U.S. Military Has No Social Media Vetting Process to 'Identify Extremists Trying to Join the Ranks'

Extremists Links: Far Right Extremists Target LGBTIQ Events

Morning Briefing: Far Right Anti-LGBTIQ Groups Create 'Alert Systems' to Track

The #TwitterFiles or the Case of the Missing Hunter Biden Dick Pics

Recommended Reading: The Rainbow Putsch Coalition and Normalizing White Supremacy

This Week in Extremism: Far Right Extremist Rhetoric & Deadly Violence

Morning Briefing: Franklin Graham Offers 'Spiritual Support' for 'Wicked' and 'Evil' Community

Extremists Links: Experts Fear 'Copycat' Mass Shootings, and Anti-LGBTIQ Rhetoric Continues

Morning Briefing: North Carolina and Texas Top List of States With Most Anti-Drag Protests

Radical Reports Book Club: Jesus and John Wayne

Morning Briefing: Retired Boise Police Officer Connected to White Supremacists

Note to Readers: Out of the Office

Recommended Reading: A Very Bad Weekend and a Defense of Foolishness

The Twitpocalypse or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Sagittarius A*

Extremists Links: Far Right Republican Candidates Elected to State and Local Offices

Morning Briefing: Former President Makes Announcement

Recommended Reading: Threat of Far Right Extremists Political Violence Remains

This Week in Extremism: The Midnight Kingdom with Jared Yates Sexton

Extremists Links: Midterm Elections Highlight Far Right Extremists in Republican Party

Election Day: Fear and Loathing on the Far Right

Morning Briefing: Possibility of Far Right Extremist Violence Looms on Election Day

Recommended Reading: Just Asking Questions About Tucker Carlson's Murder Castle

This Week in Extremism: Far Right Extremism and Republican Candidates

Extremists Links: Far Right Violent Extremist Targeted Speaker of the House

Morning Briefing: Leaders of Right-Wing Election Conspiracy Group Jailed For Contempt of Court

Podcast: Refuse Fascism

Recommended Reading: The New and Awful Normal

This Week in Extremism: Rising Antisemitism and the Intellectual Dark Web

Extremists Links: Rising Antisemitism

Morning Briefing: Penn State Cancels Event Featuring Founder of Proud Boys

Recommended Reading: Christian Nationalists Attempt to Respond to Critiques of Christian Nationalism

Extremists Links: Incel Plots Mass Shooting at College and Anti-LGBTIQ Violence Attacks

Morning Briefing: 'New Right' Christian Nationalists and Imposition of 'God's Law'

Recommended Reading: The Epiphanies of January 6th and Conspiracy and Loss

This Week in Extremism: Increasing Far Right Violent Rhetoric

Morning Briefing: U.S. House Select Committee Holds Final Hearing

Extremists Links: Increasing Threat of Far Right Violent Rhetoric and 'Swatting' is Terrorizing Schools Across the U.S.

Morning Briefing: Far Right 'Emerging Platforms Have Gained Traction'

Recommended Reading: Herschel Walker's False Witness and Girlboss Fascism

This Week in Extremism: Christian Nationalism and Spiritual Warfare

Morning Briefing: Shooting Death of Mexican Farmworker and the Threat of Vigilante Violence by Far Right Extremists on the Border

Narratives of the Right: 'Great Parental Replacement'

Morning Briefing: 'Increasingly Dehumanizing Rhetoric, Political Repression, and Threats of Violence'

Extremists Links: Oath Keepers and Alleged Members of Michigan Governor Kidnap Plot

Morning Briefing: Oath Keepers on Trial

This Week in Extremism: Proud Boys, Patriot Front, and Neo-Fascists

Narratives of the Right: Martyrs, Captain Ahab, and the Sexual Revolution

Morning Briefing: Incels, White Supremacists, and Anti-LGBTIQ Far Right Extremist Violence

Extremists Links: Far Right Extremists Escalating Attacks on LGBTIQ Community

Morning Briefing: Patriot Front, Proud Boys, and Neo-Nazis Target LGBTIQ Affirming Church in Texas

Recommended Reading: GOP Governors Anti-Immigrant Political Stunts Are Part of 'Growing Global Trend Toward Authoritarianism'

Morning Briefing: Incelosphere a Caldron of Extreme Hatred of Women, Racism, and Glorification of Violence

Extremists Links: Proud Boys Memo and January 6th Committee Hearings

Morning Briefing: Far Right 'Patriot' Group Targets Veterans Crisis Line

Recommended Reading: Christian Nationalism 101 and MAGA as Grift

Extremists Links: Former U.S. Army Soldier Had Online Links to Accounts 'Associated With Racially Motivated Extremism'

Morning Briefing: Neo-Fascist Groups Staged Multiple Demonstrations on September 11th

Podcast: Refuse Fascism

Recommended Reading: Understanding the 'Groomer' Panic, QAnon and Evangelicals, and the GOP’s 'Invasion' Narrative

Podcast: Dangerous Dogma

Morning Briefing: Cowboys for Trump Founder Removed From Elected Office

Recommended Reading: Fascists Hate When You Call Them Fascists, and the Fascist War on Trans Rights

Morning Briefing: Oath Keepers Lawyer Indicted

Extremists Links: Gender Affirming Physicians and Medical Facilities Face Threats of Violence From Far Right

Morning Briefing: Anti-LGBTIQ Extremist Violence Erupts at Planned Parenthood in California

Recommended Reading: Far Right Incites Violence Against FBI

Extremists Links: Threat of Violent Extremism Increases After FBI Raid of Mar-A-Lago

Morning Briefing: Capitol Riot Defendants Attempt to Profit From January 6th Insurrection

Recommended Reading: The Consequences of Unchecked Corruption and Christian Theology and Civil War

Extremists Links: Neo-Nazi Former Marine Allegedly Plotted to 'Engage in Widespread Homicide and Sexual Assault'

Recommended Reading: Prophets of America and Christian Nationalists Revisionists History

Extremists Links: Conspiracy Promoting Far Right Constitutional Sheriffs and Anti-Abortion Movement's Connection to the ‘Great Replacement’ Theory

Morning Briefing: ‘Clear Divide’ Between U.S. and Allied Counties in Assessment of ‘Far-Right Violent Extremism’

Intelligence Dispatch: Bill Barr to Speak at Right-Wing Catholic Conference

Morning Briefing: Alex Jones on Trial

Recommended Reading: Right-Wing School Curriculum & White Christian Nationalism

Morning Briefing: January 6th Committee Hearing Paints Picture of Trump as Nero

Radical Reports Resource Guide: How to Watch Tonight's January 6th Committee Hearing

Extremists Links: U.S. House Approves Bill to Monitor White Supremacy in Military

Morning Briefing: Hungary's Right-Wing Authoritarian Leader to Speak at CPAC Texas

Research Desk: Radical Right Research

Morning Briefing: Far Right Conference in Las Vegas

Extremists Links: Patriot Front Marches in Boston

Morning Briefing: Select Committee Hearing Connects Trump's Rhetoric to Violent Extremists

Extremists Links: January 6th Committee Hearing Revelations

Morning Briefing: The January 6th Committee Focuses on Fake Electors Scheme

Extremists Links: The Arrest of Patriot Front Members and the Far Right Threat to the LGBTIQ Community

Morning Briefing: The January 6th Committee to Hear Testimony From Former Vice President's Advisors

The January 6th Committee Hearings Will Not Change the Minds of the MAGA Base

Morning Briefing: The January 6th Committee Hearings Continue

Capitol Riot Map Updates: 'Storming the capitol building with hundreds of thousands!'

Morning Briefing: The January 6th Committee Hearings Begin in Prime Time

How You Should Watch the January 6th Committee Hearings

Morning Briefing: Proud Boys Indicted for Seditious Conspiracy

Extremists Links: House Select Committee Prepares for Public Hearings

Morning Briefing: Half of America Believes in the 'Great Replacement Theory'

Twitter Spaces: The Anti-Abortion Groups Behind the Case to Overturn Roe v. Wade

Morning Briefing: Another Mass Shooting, Continued Mourning, Relentless Deaths

Mapping the Right: Anti-Abortion Movement Database

Morning Briefing: Far Right Influence on GOP State Lawmakers

Extremists Links: White Supremacist Terrorists Attack in Buffalo, Select Committee Prepares for Hearings

Morning Briefing: The Mainstreaming of White Supremacy

Podcast: Straight White American Jesus

The Clear and Present Threat From White Supremacist Terrorism

Research Resources: The Anti-Abortion Movement’s Strategies and Tactics

Morning Briefing: Anti-Abortion Movement's Post-Roe Playbook Goes Beyond Abortion

The Anti-Abortion Movement's Response to the SCOTUS Leak

Morning Briefing: Racism and Abuse of Power by Police and Sheriffs

Extremists Links: Antisemitic Incidents Reached All-Time High

Morning Briefing: Book Bans

GOP Candidates for Congress Who Participated in January 6th Have Raised More Than $15.8 Million

Morning Briefing: Colorado Republican Senate Candidate Blames 'Antifa Types' For Capitol Riot

Extremists Links: Vermont Man Arrested With 'White Power' Rifle

Morning Briefing: U.S. House Select Committee Members Discussing 'Rewriting the Insurrection Act'

Capitol Riot Map Updates: 'You guys realize your President told us to be here. Your President!'

Morning Briefing: Morning of Terror

Extremists Links: Resurgence in White Nationalism Shapes U.S. Politics

Morning Briefing: QAnon Candidates

Give Send Riot: Jan. 6 Defendants Have Raised More than $3.5 Million Through Christian Crowdfunding Website

Extremists Links: Justice Department Expands Focus of January 6th Criminal Investigation

Morning Briefing: Jury Deliberations Enter Day Three in the Trial of Michigan Governor Kidnapping Plot

Capitol Riot Map Updates: 'I basically organized my own little militia and we fucking took over Congress.'

Morning Briefing: Jurors Deliberating at Trial of Michigan Governor Kidnapping Plot

Radical Reports Subscribers Upgrade

Morning Briefing: Anti-Abortion Activists Indicted for Violations of FACE Act; Police Discover Fetuses at Defendant's Home

Extremists Links: Number of Hate Groups Decline, Proud Boys Membership Surges

Morning Briefing: All the President's Phone Calls

Capitol Riot Cases Update: 775 and Counting

Morning Briefing: U.S. House Select Committee Votes to Recommend Peter Navarro and Daniel Scavino for Charges of Contempt of Congress

Who are Peter Navarro and Daniel Scavino?

Morning Briefing: U.S. House Committee Publishes Report On Extremist Groups and Recruitment Of Veterans

Capitol Riot Map: Briefing & Updates

Annotated Twitter Thread: Why do White Evangelical Christians in the U.S. embrace Vladimir Putin?

Intelligence Dispatch: CPAC & AFPAC

Research Desk: Radical Right Research

Extremists Links: Conspiracy Theorists Fuel Extremist Killings

Intelligence Dispatch: Military Veterans and Far Right Extremism

Extremists Links: Patriot Front Leaks

Intelligence Dispatch: The Intersections of the White Supremacists, Anti-Abortion, and Anti-Vaccination Movements

Extremists Links: Far Right Extremist Groups Continue to Evolve and Organize

Podcast: Straight White American Jesus

Intelligence Dispatch: Christian Nationalism and the January 6th Insurrection

January 6th is a Warning

Extremists Links: How Has Far Right Extremism Evolved a Year After January 6th

Intelligence Dispatch: The January 6th Capitol Riots Cast a Shadow on Democracy