Sitemap - 2023 - Radical Reports

Extremists Links: Texas at the Epicenter of White Supremacist and Extremist Movements

Morning Briefing: Neo-Nazi Summer Camps, and Germany Bans White Supremacist Cult

Capitol Riot Map Updates: 'Real patriots did infiltrate the capitol. I watched it happen.'

Morning Briefing: LGBTIQ Events Target of Bomb Threats in Utah, Connecticut, and New York

Extremists Links: Increasing Threats of Far Right and White Supremacist Extremist Violence Ahead of 2024

Morning Briefing: White Supremist Groups Spread Propaganda and Stage Protest From Connecticut to Ohio to Minnesota

Recommended Reading: Not an Uniquely Texan Travesty

Kim Davis, Mike Huckabee and radical AGs

Morning Briefing: U.S. Christian Right Gathers for Conferences in Washington, D.C.

Extremists Links: Synagogues Training for 'Active Threat' Amid Rise in Antisemitism

Morning Briefing: Critical Infrastructure Remains Venerable to Targeted Attacks by Far Right Violent Extremists

Recommended Reading: Free Helicopter Rides

Morning Briefing: Patriot Front Spreads Propaganda While Facing Lawsuit

Extremists Links: White Supremacist Groups United by Anti-LGBTIQ Narratives

Morning Briefing: Neo-Nazis Stage Protest in Florida and White Supremacists Continue to Spread Propaganda

Recommended Reading: On Political Exhaustion and Death to the Fact-Check

Morning Briefing: Details Emerging of White Superracist Shooting in Jacksonville

Recommended Reading: Pastoring in the Trump Era and Pretty White Moms in Their Pretty White Houses

Extremists Links: Doxing of Grand Jury Highlights Threat of Far-Right Extremist Violence

Morning Briefing: Military Members Involvement in White Supremacist Groups Highlights Failures Revealed in DOD Audit

Following the Money: The 1776 Project PAC's Connections to Right-Wing Groups and Far Right Activists

Morning Briefing: Two More Members of Patriot Front Convicted of 'Conspiring to Riot'

Extremists Links: Neo-Nazi White Supremacists Fantasy of 'Ethnostate' in New England

Morning Briefing: Patriot Front Lawsuits

Recommended Reading: Fascist Fight Clubs and Strongmen Political Candidates

Morning Briefing: More than 1,000 People Charged for Capitol Riot

Extremists Links: Tree of Life Synagogue Shooter Sentenced to Death

Morning Briefing: Neo-Nazis and Far Right Groups Target Pride in the Park

Extremists Links: Far Right Extremists Use Climate Disasters and Active Clubs

Morning Briefing: Reports of Multiple Incidents of White Supremacist Antisemitic Propaganda and Vandalism

Episode 81 - Tracking the Radical Right with Teddy Wilson

Recommended Reading: The Problem With Ignoring Right-Wing Media Trolls

Moms for Liberty County Chapters Growing Connections to Far Right Groups

Morning Briefing: White Supremacist and Neo-Nazi Groups Spread Propaganda in New England

Extremists Links: White Supremacists and Neo-Nazi Groups Continue to Spread Propaganda

Morning Briefing: Patriot Front on Trial

Extremists Links: El Paso Walmart Shooter Sentenced to Life, Pittsburgh Tree of Life Shooter Awaits Death Penalty Decision

Morning Briefing: Buffalo Mass Shooter Plagiarized 'Manifesto,' Antisemitism Associated with 'Conspiracist View of the World'

Mapping Moms for Liberty Far Right Anti-LGBTIQ Networks

Morning Briefing: Hate Crimes Increased in California and Texas

Extremists Links: Tree of Life Synagogue Massacre Trial Enters Penalty Phase

Morning Briefing: Moms for Liberty Summit Highlights Influence of Far Right on GOP

Recommended Reading: The Era of 'Judicial Pretzeling' and Racial Discrimination is the 'American Way'

Extremists Links: Far Right Groups Target LGBTIQ Events

Tracking the Far Right Groups Targeting LGBTIQ Events During Pride

Morning Briefing: Far Right Anti-LGBTIQ Activists Target Pride Month Events

Recommended Reading: Arrogance of Power

Morning Briefing: Christian Crowdfunding Website Used to Raise Funds for Deceased Notorious Neo-Nazi Leader

Extremists Links: Far Right Extremists Continue to Target LGBTIQ Events During Pride Month

Morning Briefing: Pair of Far Right Extremist Deadly Plots Thwarted by Law Enforcement

Recommended Reading: Big Brother Doesn't See Race

Morning Briefing: LGBTIQ Community Prepares for Continued Far Right Protest

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Far Right Anti-LGBTIQ Groups Planning Protests of Multiple LGBTIQ Events

Extremists Links: Tree of Life Synagogue Massacre Trial Enters Second Week

Morning Briefing: Far Right Prepares for Trump's Appearance at Miami Courthouse

Recommended Reading: An American Nightmare

Extremists Links: LGBTIQ Community Celebrates Pride Month Despite Threats of Far Right Extremist Violence

Morning Briefing: Report Documents 1,225 Active 'Hate Groups' During 2022

Recommended Reading: Anti-Abortion Politics, Alien Invasions, and the Anti-Vax Dragon's Den

Morning Briefing: Law Enforcement Plan Increased Presence at Idaho Pride Event

Extremists Links: Growing Far Right Extremist Threats Ahead of Pride Month

Morning Briefing: Patriot Front Spreads White Supremacist Propaganda Over Memorial Day Weekend

Recommended Reading: Anatomy of a (Mass) Murder

Morning Briefing: DHS Advisory Warns of 'Heightened Threat Environment' Due to Domestic Violent Extremists

Extremists Links: Tree of Life Synagogue Massacre Trial to Begin Amid Rising Antisemitism

Morning Briefing: Proud Boys Planning Disruptive Protest During Pride Month

Recommended Reading: Violence as an Aspect of Fascism

Research Desk: Trauma-Related Effects of Terrorist Propaganda on Researchers, and Extremism on Telegram in Brazil

Morning Briefing: Far Right Violent Threats Against the LGBTIQ Community 'Rising and Intensifying'

Extremists Links: Activists Demand Allen, Texas Mass Shooting to Be Investigated as Hate Crime

Morning Briefing: Black Community in Buffalo Still 'Grappling' on Anniversary of Tops Friendly Market Mass Shooting by White Supremacist

State Legislative Research Webinar

Morning Briefing: Violence Against Abortion Providers on the Rise Following Roe Reversal

Extremists Links: Neo-Nazi White Supremacist Terrorism Attacks in Texas and Serbia

Morning Briefing: White Supremacists Neo-Nazi Mass Shooter Fantasized About 'Noble War'

Radical Reports Webinar Trainings

Recommended Reading: Neoliberalism, Authoritarianism, and a Constant State Of Fear

The OSINTion: Conversation on Investigative Research Tools and Techniques

Morning Briefing: Far Right Figures Gather in Budapest for CPAC Hungary

Extremists Links: White Supremacists and Neo-Nazis Continue to Target LBGTIQ Events

Recommended Reading: Trump's Platform is Insurrection and White Christian Nationalism's Links to Fascism

Morning Briefing: Fort Bragg Soldier Plotted to 'Physically Remove' Racial Minorities

This Week in Extremism: Kris Goldsmith of Veterans Fighting Fascism

Extremists Links: Tree of Life Synagogue Mass Mass Shooting Trial Begins

Morning Briefing: Far Right Extremists Increasingly Share Violent Tactics

Recommended Reading: Tucker Carlson, Book Banning, and Content Moderation

This Week in Extremism: Kris Goldsmith of Veterans Fighting Fascism

Blue Check Discount

Extremists Links: The Far Right Apocalyptic Narratives of Ruby Ridge, Waco, and Oklahoma City

America’s Next Morning of Terror

Capitol Riot Map Updates: 'You're a disgrace to yourself and America'

Morning Briefing: White Supremacist Send Racists Mailers to Democratic State Lawmakers

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Recommended Reading: Law and Order and Fascism

Morning Briefing: Former Leader Testifies Proud Boys Had 'No Objectives' on January 6th

Extremists Links: Abortion Clinics Face Rising Threats of Violence and Texas Leads Nation in White Supremacists Activity

Field Notes: Patriot Front's White Supremacists Propaganda Network

Morning Briefing: Texas Man Pleads Guilty To Arson And Hate Crime Targeting Austin Synagogue

Recommended Reading: Legislative Terrorism and the Drag Police

Extremists Links: White Supremacist Arrested and Charged for Allegedly Attempting to Burn Church

Morning Briefing: Far Right Threats and Right Wing Media Outrage

Extremists Links: Former President’s Indictment and Incitement of Far Right

Morning Briefing: Proud Boys Target LGBTIQ Events and School Board Meetings

This Week in Extremism: Trust the Plan with Will Sommer

Extremists Links: The Far Right, the Branch Davidians, and the Waco Siege

Morning Briefing: Conspiracy Theories Continue to Thrive Online

This Week in Extremism: White Supremacist Movement & White Power Music

Extremists Links: Conspiracy Theories and Extremist Beliefs Animate Far Right

Morning Briefing: Proud Boys Target LGBTIQ Events in Maryland and Oregon

Recommended Reading: Standing Athwart History, Civilian Surveillance and Paid Snitches

This Week in Extremism: What’s Behind CRT Moral Panic and Book Bans

Extremists Links: Neo-Nazis Indicted, Buffalo Shooter Sentenced, El Paso Shooter Pleads Guilty

Morning Briefing: White Supremacist Behind Baltimore Plot Wrote 'Document Investigators Compared to a Manifesto'

Recommended Reading: Identity Politics for Librarians and The Chosen One

Morning Briefing: Far Right Extremists Remain Obsessed With Targeting Critical Infrastructure

This Week in Extremism: Far Right Narratives and Conspiracy Theories

Extremists Links: Neo-Nazi Homeschool Network Spread Online

Morning Briefing: FBI Thwarts Neo-Nazi Plot to 'Completely Destroy' City of Baltimore

Recommended Reading: The Right's Problem with Conspiracy Theories and America the Unserious

Morning Briefing: Neo-Nazi Homeschool Network Under Investigation

This Week in Extremism: Tucker Carlson’s Right-Wing Media Machine

Extremists Links: White Supremacist Antisemitic Propaganda Reported at College Campuses, High Schools, and Neighborhoods

Recommended Reading: America's Obsession with Conspiracy Theories and Authoritarians Gambling for Resurrection

This Week in Extremism: Constitutional Sheriffs

Narratives of the Right: The New World Order, The Great Reset, and Digital Jails

Morning Briefing: Study Identifies Connected Narratives of COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories

Extremists Links: Far Right Extremists Target LGBTIQ Events and White Supremacist Antisemitic Propaganda Spreads

Morning Briefing: Far Right Extremists and White Supremacist Neo-Nazis Continue to Target LGBTIQ Events

Morning Briefing: FBI Memo Warned of Attacks on Electrical Infrastructure by White Supremacists

Extremists Links: New Details Emerge in Failed Republican Candidate's Plot to Shoot Homes of Democratic Officials

Morning Briefing: Failed Republican Candidate Arrested for New Mexico Shootings

Recommended Reading: Christian Nationalism Invades Brazil

This Week in Extremism: Patriot Front, WLM, and Rising Neo-Fascists

Research Desk: QAnon Extremists Exploit U.S. Military and Legitimize Targeted Gender Based Violence

Extremists Links: Brazil’s Capitol Riot and the Proud Boys on Trial

Morning Briefing: Proud Boys on Trial for Seditious Conspiracy

American Far Right Reaction to Bolsonaro Supporters Storming Brazil's State Institutions

Morning Briefing: Supporters of Former President Jair Bolsonaro Storm Brazil's State Institutions

This Week in Extremism: Far Right Extremism in 2023 and the January 6th Insurrection

Extremists Links: Prison Sentences for Members of Whitmer Kidnapping Plot

Morning Briefing: Far Right MAGA Caucus Controls Republican Votes for Speaker of the House